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At Barclays Center plaza, Furthur concert makes for tie-dyed vibe: pot, beer, barbecue, dogs, and creative requests for support

Former Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh & Bob Weir and their band Furthur played the Barclays Center last night, and the scene had a bit of a tie-dyed vibe.
I take it the pot was being smoked before the show on the nearby streets, as was the case before a couple of the Jay-Z shows last fall.

Some people prepared (pre-gamed?) otherwise, as indicated in the first of several photos sent to me.

Others turned the plaza into a bit of a barbecue scene.

A notably large number of people brought their dogs and--as I heard secondhand but haven't confirmed--a good number were designated service dogs and thus could have been able to get into the arena.

Others engaged in creative calls for support.