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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth closed two days next week for crane

The latest bi-weekly Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, (below) dated July 22, was distributed yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner, but in this case--unlike the practice in most weeks (bottom)--the state agency didn't even bother to reformat it with new letterhead.

Notably, Dean Street will be closed between Flatbush and Sixth Avenues on July 29-30, next Monday-Tuesday.

There's continued at the modular tower, B-2, including:
  • installing reinforcement steel for foundation walls
  • pouring the concrete Foundation Walls. 
  • reinforcement and pouring concrete for the Dean Street transfer foundation
  • construction of and tie in the foundations grade beams at the Arena Exit northwest corner. 
New work at B2 includes:
  • Interconnect the Con Edison Vaults, electric and plumbing
  • Con Edison may work within Dean St to install the Tower 2 temporary electrical service. We do not have a specific date...
  • Crawler crane will be delivered to the site on July 29th and be constructed on July 29th thru July 31st. This will require Dean Street, between Flatbush Avenue and 6th Avenue, to be closed while the crane is being erected through July 30th. DOT permits are approved pending DOB approvals (cranes & derricks) which is still outstanding
  •  Install Sidewalk Bridge at the Dean Street entrance. This is scheduled for July 22nd thru July 24th
  • Erect Structural Steel starting July 31st. There will be approx. 4 to 5 steel trucks per day. A separate logistics plan has been submitted for this work
LIRR Yard Activities Block 1120 & 1121
  • Work will commence on Pacific street level within the MPT to prepare the piles to accept the new barrier and fence installation. This work will consist of cutting off piles to proper heights and welding steel supports.