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Were there really 1,079 construction workers on site in June? Maybe at one time, but the daily average was under 800

Update 9/1/12: a reader points out that a daily average of 797 workers, if over seven days and working full shifts (and neither are certain), would mean an FTE of 1116 workers. So if those numbers are indeed that favorable, Forest City should be more specific.

On 6/29/12, I questioned a Patch report that, "Right now on the Atlantic Yards construction site, according to FCRC, they have 1,079 union employees in total...."

I tried to find out what that meant in FTE (full-time equivalent) jobs, given that the total number of workers has been overstated by 25%.

Forest City Ratner spokesman Joe DePlasco gave a brief response to my query, but avoided specifics: "That publication asked for the most recent number of workers on site... They change weekly and based on the work that is being done."

Since then, I discovered a more accurate number. The official website indicates that, for the week of June 24, there was a total of 1137 construction workers, with a daily average of 797 workers.

As I've suggested, the Independent Compliance Monitor that Forest City Ratner refused to hire could provide more accurate information.