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Traffic signal, street lights back at Sixth Avenue and Dean Street intersection after being out for a few nights (at least); why didn't anyone official step up sooner?

An incident report on Atlantic Yards Watch August 6 regarding the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Dean Street, which is the southeast corner of the arena block:
Very dangerous. Walking back home tonight I saw a near accident with 2 cars. Very dark. No police or other city agency official was at the intersection when I walked by.

Another neighbor I met nearby said that the lights go out at this intersection nightly.
Video from August 6

An update on Atlantic Yards Watch August 7:
the lights were out again last night (August 7, 2012) around 11pm.  Still no signs, no traffic agents.  Still dangerous.
Arana Hankin, Director, Atlantic Yards Project, Empire State Development, responded earlier today to my query:
Just got word that DOT repaired this issue last night. They repaired a defective cable. 
The lingering questions: How long was this out? Why did it take even a few days to repair? And if the intersection was dangerous, why didn't anyone official or working nearby--including the police department, the Department of Transportation, and Forest City Ratner and its contractors--set up a safety protocol?

After all, according to Atlantic Yards Watch, while the light was out, there was an accident, apparently, though it's not clear exactly what happened.