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Pre-paid parking module for Barclays Center finally works, but only seven lots (plus on-site lot) now available; goal is 20

The Barclays Center Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan, though released last week, is still a work in progress. For example, the module to pre-purchase offsite parking finally works, after a significant delay, but only seven public parking facilities have been incorporated so far.

That means that, not only have people who already bought hundreds of thousands of tickets to arena events were not able to buy parking seamlessly, there are fewer spaces available than previously suggested. (No total is now listed.)

The draft TDM plan identified 20 other public parking facilities within ½ mile of the arena block, but now it lists "approximately 20." Vendor "Click and Park will make efforts to incorporate as many as possible of the 20 off-site facilities," the final plan states.

So far, as the map below indicates, there are only eight facilities available, including 752 Pacific Street, which is the surface parking lot associated with the arena.

The on-site lots offers 541 spaces, including 150 for free VIP parking, and the rest for prepaid HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle, with three or more ticket-holders) parking, plus more expensive slots available for drive-up purchase--a possibility that could induce more driving than necessary.

Note that 752 Pacific is actually farther away from the arena than 700 Pacific and 625 Atlantic, and it shows: the fee is lower at the official lot. The cost is $25.65 HOV, plus a $10 surcharge for cars that aren't prepaid.

Below is a list of the seven public parking facilities, including 700 Pacific, the Newswalk residential building near the arena, and 625 Atlantic Avenue, which is the Atlantic Center mall run by arena developer Forest City Ratner.

Note that two of the seven facilities do not offer HOV rates, which are supposed to be 20% or $5 (whichever is larger) less than regular rates. However, the HOV rates, at least the ones listed now by Click and Park, are not $5 less, just 20% less. Also note that one facility only offers HOV rates.

Below are the rates, with service charge, for the first event at the arena, the 9/28/12 Jay-Z concert. Note that the difference may not be precisely 20%:
  • 700 Pacific St.: $32.83 HOV; $41.04; $51.30 SUV
  • 253 Ashland Place: $20.52
  • 62 Rockwell Place: $20.50
  • 395 Flatbush Avenue: $15.05 HOV; $18.47
  • 300 Livingston St: $12.87 HOV; $15.59
  • 800 Union St.: $9.25 HOV; $11.06
  • 625 Atlantic Ave.: $36.94 HOV
Remote parking

There are five remote parking facilities near Atlantic Avenue and Boerum Place, to be served by a shuttle bus along Atlantic Avenue. There were once supposed to be 612 spaces, now "approximately 600."

Here are the rates for that first concert:
  • 211 Atlantic Ave.: $13.60 HOV; $16.50
  • 110 Livingston St.: $13.60 HOV; $16.50
  • 238 Atlantic Ave.: $10.70 HOV; $12.87
  • 205 State St.: $10.70 HOV; $12.87
  • 53 Boerum Pl.: $10.70 HOV; $12.87
What about ParkWhiz?

Also note there's a rival called ParkWhiz, which is not the official Barclays Center partner, which currently offers five locations, one within ½ mile and the others within a mile, with the following prices for that first concert:
  • 395 Flatbush Avenue Ext.: $15
  • 235 State St.: $15
  • 205 State St.: $15
  • 315 St. Marks Ave.: $11
  • 257 Gold St.: $9.90
It's unclear whether both vendors are representing the same garage at 395 Flatbush Avenue. Below is the ParkWhiz map: