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Through July 1, event tickets (not Nets) at Barclays Center brought in $14.7 million

The first round of events booked at the Barclays Center have, as of July 1, brought in $14.7 million in ticket receipts, according to a quarterly report filed yesterday by Forest City Ratner to arena bondholders.

The report covers April 1-June 30, and is the first report with any ticket sales. The overall total is $20.9 million.

As far as I know, this figure excludes ticket sales for Nets games.

Some big days

Note that there are several clusters of big sales.

Tickets for Barbra Streisand went on sale before and up through May 20, perhaps leading to the $2.5 million and $1 million figures for that day.

What about that $4.85 million take on June 1? Probably (at least in part) Justin Bieber, whose presale was that day.

Tickets for Journey and other bands went on sale June 15, likely part of the $1.8 million raised that day.

Tickets for Andrea Bocelli went on sale on April 23, and likely before; there was $359,176 in revenue on April 23.

Note that Jay-Z tickets didn't go on sale until July.

What does it mean?

It's a bit hard to benchmark a new arena, or even to compare it to other arenas--or perhaps, even to itself. Surely Barbra Streisand won't perform every year.

But it will be interesting to see how this shakes out over time.