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NNY: Linking (or not) the Barclays scandal with the Barclays Center, another omission of that logo on the roof, and Jay-Z in a (modified) Barclays Center hat

Michael D. D. White, in a Noticing New York column titled With Discordant Synchronicity The “Barclays” Center Will Open At LIBOR Scandal’s Peak: What The New York Times Is And Isn’t Covering, focuses on the Times's inability to link the Barclays LIBOR scandal with that new building opening in Brooklyn, and suggests:
adoption of a phrase that can be included in every Times article mentioning the Center like the “awkwardly-named,” “problematically-named,” or “embarrassingly-named Barclays Center.
He also point out another instance in which the arena was portrayed without the planned Barclays Center sign on the roof:

This omission of reference to the icky oddness of brandishing the“Barclays” name is going on even as new plans were unveiled to plaster an additional Barclays logo in super giant lettering on the top of the arena. When you look down from a helicopter at Brooklyn, the borough will be prominently branded with the scandal-associated name! (FYI: In the fall of 2009 when the arena design was released to the public and a public information session was held- the closest approximation to to a public comment hearing that took place- the renderings and models shown to the public were all presented WITHOUT this “Barclays” top-side emblazoning. Its possibility was discreetly kept under wraps.*)
Jay-Z and the Barclays Center

In another post, he altered a still from Jay-Z’s 2012 Olympics Budweiser Advertisement, to say “Barclays Center” instead of promotionally saying “Nets," pointing out the connection missing in the Times's puff piece on Jay-Z. (Yeah, it had some interesting information, but it pretty much came from Bruce Ratner and Brett Yormark. Not very investigative.)