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That sign/logo on the Barlcays Center roof? "an extremely valuable piece of inventory"

In the Village Voice, Neil deMause follows up on the news I broke yesterday, in Brooklyn Soon To Be Home To World's Most Humongous Barclays Logo:
So, who should care? Aside from condo buyers in the former Williamsburgh Bank building, who are going to have to stare at this thing every time they look out their landmarked windows, it's not likely to make much of a dent on many Brooklynite eyeballs, something that the ESDC cited to Oder as a reason for okaying the deal. 
Well, people in the towers next to the arena also would see it, of course. And probably some in the Newswalk building nearby.

The key is the benefit to Forest City Ratner and, while a naming-rights deal expert didn't put a number on it, he called it "an extremely valuable piece of inventory."

And, I'd add, not only is the public not getting any of Barclays' money for that, the benefit to Forest City was never counted in any cost-benefit analysis.