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Final arena Transportation Demand Management plan has a few tweaks: 20%/$5 HOV discount; no Dean Street entrance to parking; Click and Park still hasn't signed up all garages

Today the Empire State Development Corporation posted not only a long Q&A on the Barclays Center Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan, but also a revised TDM plan.

The Q&A is a more interesting document, because it mainly deflects community concerns about such things as parking on neighborhood streets; I'll have more on it tomorrow. The revised TDM plan, however, contains relatively few changes from the draft issued in May, so I'll focus on them now. (Both documents are also posted below.)

Surface parking drops Dean Street entrance

There's lots of concern about the surface parking lot bounded by Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues and Dean and Pacific streets. While the draft plan offered a secondary entrance/exit on Dean, mid-block between Carlton and Vanderbilt, that opening will only be used as an exit.

Offsite parking count changes

While previously the TDM plan identified 20 other public parking facilities within ½ mile of the arena block, now it lists "approximately 20."

"Click and Park will make efforts to incorporate as many as possible of the 20 off-site facilities," the document states. But the list apparently isn't final yet.

HOV parking discount: at least 20% or $5

While previously there was no price tag associated with High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) parking, involving three or more event-goers, the document announces a "pass for a discount of 20% or $5 (whichever is greater) off the regular price of the space."

Also, there'd be a premium for drivers who register as HOV, but arrive without proof of at least three tickets. At the on-site lot (Block 1129), all pre-paid tickets must be HOV. Any car that's not pre-paid, other than VIP ticket holders, must pay an additional $10 regardless of HOV status.

Remote parking

While the previous document indicated at least 612 spaces at two potential locations, 211 Atlantic Avenue and 352 Hicks Street, now there would be approximately 600 spaces at a cluster of facilities  around Atlantic Avenue at Court Street and Boerum Place, including:
  • 211 Atlantic Avenue, between Court Street and Boerum Place
  • 238 Atlantic Avenue, between Court Street and Boerum Place
  • 205 State Street, between Court Street and Boerum Place
  • 53 Boerum Place, between State Street and Schermerhorn Street
  • 110 Livingston Street, between Court Street and Boerum Place
Remote parking bus route

The document indicates the bus route (which is already on the not-yet-operative BarclaysParking web site):
At the parking facilities, passenger pick-up and drop-off would occur at the NYCT bus stop on the southeast corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. At the arena, passenger pick-up and drop-off would occur on Atlantic Avenue, adjacent to an arena entrance near Sixth Avenue. Between the parking facilities, the shuttle buses would travel primarily on Atlantic Avenue. At the remote parking facilities, the bus would also travel on sections of Boerum Place, Schermerhorn Street, and Court Street. At the arena, the shuttle buses would also travel on sections of Sixth Avenue, Pacific Street, and Carlton Avenue.
Warning of road conditions

New in the document:
Click and Park will maintain email communication with purchasers of parking passes and will have the ability to alert drivers to any major incidents on the roadway network or planned roadway detours and recommend alternate routes of travel.
More wayfinding signage

Beyond signage on the arena block, more may be coming:
Other efforts to update and/or install pedestrian signage in the area include updating the existing Downtown Brooklyn wayfinding signage directional signs and neighborhood maps at locations near the arena. There is also an effort to update and add signage and neighborhood maps in the following subways stations to provide directional information to guide pedestrians to Barclays Center: the Bergen Street 2 and 3, the Fulton Street G, and the Lafayette Avenue C.
Barclays Center Draft TDM Plan, May 2012
Barclays Center Draft TDM Plan, May 2012