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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Errant trucks around Atlantic Yards site represent yet more violations of environmental/construction rules; time for state to respond

Yesterday morning, I cited, via Atlantic Yards Watch, continuing violations of environmental/truck rules at the Atlantic Yards site.

Last night, Atlantic Yards Watch compiled many more such violations, in Nine violations by trucks of the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments and/or Barclays Center Truck Rules and Requirements are documented today before noon:
Nine violations by trucks of the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments and/or Barclays Center Truck Rules and Requirements were documented before noon today.  The filer was stationary and only captured those incidents within the visual range of his/her location. The times below are from the incident reports.
They include:
A flatbed truck delivering steel idles under the windows of Newswalk's residences on Pacific Street between Carlton and 6th Avenues.  The Barclays Center truck rules require trucks to wait on Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt

Two trucks, one red and one white,  travel Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues uncovered.

A truck leaves the railyard entrance on Atlantic Avenue near Carlton and turns onto Clermont Avenue.  Clermont appears to be regularly used by trucks from this entrance gate, but it is not a designated truck route. 
What's next?

It's time for Empire State Development, the state agency that oversees this project and has taken apparently inadequate measures to address such violations, to respond promptly and directly to these reports.

Either these reports are off-base or, if they are valid (as it sure seems), the state should tell the public what additional measures it will take.