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ESDC: new process to crack down on errant truckers began Friday; none have received "two strikes;" no answer to question about systemic problem

I got some but not all answers today to questions posed last Friday regarding the Empire State Development Corporation's new plan to crack down on truckers who leave the railyard site uncovered.

My questions begin after the bullet points, and the ESDC's answers are interpolated:
  • When did the process go into effect?
Last Friday, August 5.
  • Is this one contractor, or more than one?
McKissack -- the site of the problem.
  • Have any truckers been removed? Are those individual drivers, or subcontractors?
No truckers have been removed because none have received two strikes.
  • And isn't it systemic, in a sense: if "Outgoing trucks shall be inspected at the gate," as per the environmental commitments memo, it seems to me there should be some leverage over the firm as a whole, not just the drivers. Does the firm, or whoever's in charge of inspections, face any penalties?
[No answer was received.]