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Ratner's trash can bill = $5500? (surely the new employees cost more) [Updated/corrected]

Update and correction 8/18: Forest City has given out 250 cans, with some 1350 potential recipients, thus indicating that the Brooklyn Paper's numbers were wrong. The potential cost would be much higher than $5500, though currently it's about $8000, at retail.


The Brooklyn Paper, two days late with the news that Forest City Ratner has announced its plans to distribute heavy-duty garbage cans to a limited number of Prospect Heights residences, adds some useful detail in today's Bruce Ratner--taking on rats:
Now Ratner will dole out 172 cans at the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison Office, which is in a trailer on Carlton Avenue. The tight-lidded cans will help residents stop providing a feast, in the form of easily accessible household trash, for the vermin.

If residents can’t obtain their cans next week, they can set an appointment to pick one up.

The 34-gallon Rubbermaid wheeled cans — valued at $32 apiece — were approved by the Health Department and purchased at Pintchik Hardware on Bergen Street.
At $32 each (which seems to be the low online price), the retail value would be $5504, but I'll bet Forest City Ratner got a quantity discount.

Which costs more?

For perspective, consider that, at the Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting 7/14/11, Forest City Ratner executive Bob Sanna announced that not only would 16 new trash receptacles be placed in the construction site, for food waste only, four workers have been added to empty the cans and address food-related waste, including a "perimeter sweep immediately outside the gate."

Surely the ongoing tab for four workers easily outstrips the costs of the cans.