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Hockey in Brooklyn? deMause sees through the hype

Neil deMause of Field of Schemes writes:
[T]he Brooklyn Paper, with its characteristic reserve, shouts, "GAME CHANGER! Professional hockey could be coming to Brooklyn". The only problem, as sharp-eyed FoS readers will remember (or as even dull-eyed Village Voice readers will, since I just wrote about it there on Tuesday): In order to save money, Brooklyn arena builder Bruce Ratner "value engineered" the Barclays Center to have a floor too small for hockey, essentially requiring that thousands of seats be ripped out to make room for a playing surface twice the length of a basketball court.

He concludes:
So: Brooklyn Islanders, possible? Yes. Likely? Unless both Charles Wang and the NHL decide that the Brooklyn market is so lucrative that it's worth playing in a substandard arena, don't hold your breath.
NLG rounds up more of the hype.