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With a (presumptive) new owner, is "Brooklyn Nets" name still up in the air?

Just about two years ago, Nets CEO Brett Yormark told an interviewer that, while "Brooklyn Nets” is the team's "working title," and “most people assume it’s going to be the Brooklyn Nets," owners still must "validate that” with some "research in the field."

Now reports NetsDaily's NetIncome, a consultant for presumptive Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is going over the same ground, asking people:
After the team’s move to Brooklyn, which NAME would you choose?
A) Brooklyn Nets
B) NY Nets
C) Brooklyn “other”
D) NY “other’
Could Prokhorov want the New York moniker? Maybe. But isn't Brooklyn still a brand with huge potential (if the project ever gets over the legal and financial hurdles)?

And if Brooklyn were dropped, Borough President Marty Markowitz would positively plotz--not that the name is his call. And Forest City Ratner would have to explain away that flier they sent back in 2004.


  1. I dont care if we go with New York or Brooklyn... tradition stays with a nickname... We insult the fans of this franchise who stuck through the years of agony if we abandon the name of the ABA champions, and later the team that made it to 2 NBA finals and were eastern champions... Dont lose the "Nets" name...

  2. They should be called the 718 Nets


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