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My Little O debuts, underwhelms

Following in the footsteps of, oh, Brownstoner (sort of) and the New York Times's blog The Local, a new blog, My Little O, has launched to cover (and network) the vastly ignored neighborhoods of Fort Greene & Clinton Hill.

As The Local reported in August:
Because he is not a journalist himself, [founder] Mr. [Michael] Locke has hired two area freelance writers, Jeca Taudte and Nicole Caldwell, whose work will be interspersed with citizen journalism that he eventually hopes will become the bulk of his site.
Well, I got an announcement today that the site was now live.

The latest piece of breaking news is nine days old, from October 20, headlined Car Accident at Atlantic Yards. Um, that's the Vanderbilt Yard.


  1. As the marketing and advertising agency for My Little O, I would like to point out that My Little O has a good deal of timely, substantive content on the site. Perhaps, the entire site should have been looked at instead of focusing on one item. I think the reference to a crash on October 20th misses the point of Breaking News. The idea is for the community to generate Breaking News and the crash was put up as an example to help the community get the idea. Regrettably, both The Atlantic Yards Report and The Local were not informed before reporting on the site. The feedback from the community has been very positive and as Michael readily admits in his letter, this is a “work-in-progress”. Thank you. Tony Sarcone, Partner, Solveris Marketing and Communications


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