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As the Times says "Stop the sewer money" in Albany, a prime exhibit could be Ratner's $58K check to a Silver-controlled committee

From a New York Times editorial today headlined Fed Up With Albany:
STOP THE SEWER MONEY New York’s campaign finance laws are notoriously loose, allowing unions, businesses and the wealthy to have their way with Albany. An individual can give only $4,800 to a candidate for president, but $55,900 to a candidate for governor. Write a check to a New York political party for “housekeeping” and it can have as many zeroes as you like. Those fattened political parties can give unlimited amounts to candidates.
Several commenters noted that the editorial, which covered several issues, failed to mention all-powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who, among other things, has refused to reveal the identities of his legal clients.

Also, consider that, in January 2008, Forest City Ratner apparently reversed a pledge to refrain from campaign contributions, giving $58,420 to the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee's Housekeeping account. That's part of the mutual closeness between the developer and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.