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A footnote on Brett Yormark's favorite interviewer, Alexis Glick

In case you're wondering about Alexis Glick, the Fox Business News host who so enthusiastically interviews Nets CEO Brett Yormark, well, the New York Observer reports, in an article headlined In Recession, Money Honeys Get Company From Grumpy Old Dudes:
WHEN MS. [Sandra] SMITH started at FBN two years ago, she was part of a crowded class of up-and-coming go-getters (Alexis Glick, Jenna Lee, Cody Willard, Nicole Petallides, Connell McShane and on and on) who were all of a type. This crowd, predominantly female, was full of fresh-faced, forward-looking optimism, and seemingly engineered by FBN chief Roger Ailes to ride effortlessly from one market high to the next and look damn good doing it