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Nets' Yormark on critics: "I don't care what people think"

From an unironic American Way (aka in-flight magazine) article about sports marketing twins Brett and Michael Yormark, headlined Family Style:
Some men look at things as they are and ask why. But the Yormarks look at an empty hallway or a urinal and ask, “Why not get a cruise company or a urologist to sponsor it?”

What about Brooklyn?
The relocation plans had to overcome a number of legal hurdles even before the faltering economy began to take its toll; while the move was originally slated for the 2007– 2008 season, it has now been rescheduled for the 2011–2012 season.

Actually, it was originally 2006.

How far is it along?
During construction on the new arena, Brett has been busy pursuing a deep-pocketed sponsor who would pony up for the naming rights...

Actually, no construction has begun, and the sponsor, Barclays, was announced in January 2007. The coup is less finding the sponsor than getting the government to sign away naming rights without question.

Handling criticism

Near the conclusion, the article states:
As for confidence, it’s evident in the way the brothers handle criticism. Both have drawn fire for alleged over-commercialization of their venues. Brett has been dogged by bloggers adamantly opposing the Nets’ move to Brooklyn and the Barclays Center. And one Florida blogger even accused Michael of unleashing “an endless barrage of advertisements so senseless and aggravating it ruins the flow of the game and chases away hockey purists.”

“I learned very young that you can’t please everybody,” Michael says. Brett is blunter: “I don’t mean this in an arrogant way, but I don’t care what people think. I strive to do the best I can every day. You’re a target in this job, and I’ve accepted that. If people are praising me, I try not to get too high. If they’re not praising me, I try not to get too low.”

(Emphases added)

Does "dogged by bloggers" mean pointing out his ever-shifting predictions about the arena opening date?


  1. I think the basketball coach means that he doesn't care if people think, not what people think. Thinking people have no use for mindless corporate hustlers who will say and do anything for a buck.


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