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Lobbying firm hosts $1000 (minimum) fundraiser for Senator Sampson at FCR's MetroTech offices

Forest City Ratner offices at MetroTech are the site tonight for a fundraiser (minimum contribution: $1000) supporting Senator John Sampson, leader of the New York State Democratic Conference.

The evening is sponsored by the Albany-based lobbying firm of State & Broadway. (Click on graphics to enlarge.)

Forest City Ratner for years avoided direct political contributions, preferring to rely on lobbying. However, in January 2008, the company gave $58,420 to the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee's Housekeeping account.

So this indirect support might be seen as a way of maintaining influence, given the need for future tax breaks and other governmental goodies for projects like Atlantic Yards.

Sampson likes real estate, needs campaign $

The Village Voice's Tom Robbins, toting up Sampson's career in a 6/15/09 article headlined And Now Introducing State Senate Leader John Sampson..., noted:
Sampson has long held a large warm spot in his heart for the real estate industry, whose clout remains undiminished in Albany, be it Democrats or Republicans.

Robbins observed:
- Finally, Sampson could use the exposure his new post will bring: His current senate campaign committee lists just $1,041 in the bank.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen of the Greater Albany League of Lobbyists: The bar is now open!

The Mitch Alter connection

Checks are to be sent to Mitch Alter, who has a long history in Brooklyn politics and whose law firm Sampson joined.

Alter has served, among other roles, as campaign treasurer for Rep. Ed Towns; the Village Voice reported 8/22/00 about Alter's role in an alleged shakedown of a judicial candidate.

In a 7/11/06 New York Times article headlined Brooklyn Legislator Charged With Taking Bribes to Aid Land Deal, Alter was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case that let to the resignation and conviction of Diane Gordon:
A lawyer named in the indictment, Mitch Alter, said that he had attended only one meeting, adding, ''I don't know too much about this transaction.''