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Prokhorov spends $18,760 on lunch; an average Brooklynite could buy a candy bar (spending the same % of net worth)

OK, when prospective Nets owner--and Russia's richest man--Mikhail Prokhorov spent $18,760 on lunch ($15,007.87, according to the New York Post, plus a 25% tip), how painful was it?

Not very.

The spending represents exactly 0.00019747368421052633% of his $9.5 billion net worth.

To put that in perspective, a garden-variety mogul worth $100 million who wanted to spend the exact same percentage would only have $197.47 for a meal.

A millionaire couldn't even afford a Happy Meal, with only $1.97 to spend.

The average Brooklynite, which surely includes a broad spectrum of people, has a household net worth of $398,183. That would leave 79 cents to spend, enough for a candy bar.

That average figure is surely skewed by homeowners and others, so I bet the median net worth--with equal numbers of people on each side of the figure--is much lower, leaving that person able to buy, say, an individual Peppermint Patty.

What is it Fitzgerald once said? The rich are different.

And it wasn't Hemingway, but Mary Column, who riposted, The rich have more money.

That's for sure.


  1. As compared with Mayor Bloomingdales, how much would the average New Yorker be able to spend to get elected?


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