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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Would Gehry's staffers come back after the credit markets unfreeze?

The Architect's Newspaper warns against reading too much into Frank Gehry's laying off staff members working on the Atlantic Yards project.

AN's Matt Chaban quotes Kermit Baker: "What we’re seeing, as a result of the credit freeze, is a lot of projects, even a lot of good projects, being put on hold. Once the credit markets begin to unfreeze, though, a lot of this work will come back."

Baker was not speaking directly about AY, but Chaban suggests that situation could apply.

That's plausible. Then again, Forest City Ratner could have been a lot more enthusiastic in talking about the issue. Why not say Gehry's on sabbatical?

Chaban also warns not to read much into Gehry's unwillingness to comment, calling it par for the course.

Olin vs. Gehry?

The Architect's Newspaper reported last month that AY landscape architect Laurie Olin, said to be on sabbatical, may be at odds with Gehry:
Even if Atlantic Yards does build a second phase with Olin on the design team, though, the project may represent another sort of coda. Another architect, who asked for anonymity, told AN that working with Gehry’s proprietary software and idiosyncratic methods has become financially difficult for the Olin office. “I heard that when Laurie was passing ownership of the firm to the other partners, and they wanted to make it more solvent and profitable, they basically had to stop working on Gehry projects,” he said.