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Carbonation-related cognitive dissonance at the Izod Center

Fans watching the New Jersey Nets at the Izod Center might get a hankering for Jones Soda, given that digital advertising signage periodically presents advertisements for the product.

Pure cane soda, however, is not available at the concession stands. (Nor are the products of some other sponsors the Nets have signed up.)

At the game last Wednesday, I asked an employee of Aramark (the concessionaire) if they sold Jones Soda--which just happens to be the announced official soft drink provider at the planned Brooklyn arena.

"What?" she replied.

"Jones Soda. "


The picture at right shows what's available.

A sweet deal?

I don't know what advertising deal Jones Soda got at the 'Zod, but I wonder if it might have gotten a little sweeter.

Jones Soda officials, their company reeling financially, have been talking about how to pull out of the Barclays Center deal, which has been reported at $1.7 million a year, given the delays in the new arena.

Should Jones withdraw, presumably another soft drink company would make a decent-sized bid for the rights.

That means the p.r. damage if Jones pulls out would be greater than the financial damage.

Thus, it certainly makes sense for the Nets and Forest City Ratner to make sure that Jones is happy.