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Lupica on Yankee Stadium: "It's a wonderful lie" (and NY mag on "perversely perfect symbols")

Most of Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica's column today, headlined It's a wonderful lie, concerns the revelations, many from his collegue, Metro columnist Juan Gonzalez, about the strange and sudden leap in the valuation of the land under Yankee Stadium.

He writes:
So how come no politician in New York except Rep. Richard Brodsky seems to be asking the questions and carrying the fight on this? Or maybe the cozy relationship between the Yankees and City Hall that began when Yankee groupie Rudy Giuliani was mayor was turned over to Bloomberg like a well-turned double play. As always with the current mayor, pay close attention to what he does, not what he says.

And I'll add: And will any politician look closely at the valuation of the land under the Atlantic Yards arena, assuming the construction plan and issuance of tax-exempt bonds moves forward?

In New York magazine

In the year-end Reasons to Love New York 2008 issue, New York magazine's Chris Smith offers:
27. Because Our New Stadiums Are Perversely Perfect Symbols of the City Right Now
Just as New York and the rest of the country stagger into a profound recession, we’ll be dedicating two new towering, taxpayer-subsidized monuments to excess and misplaced priorities—two of the core impulses that have always animated the city. Let Seattle, which allowed the NBA SuperSonics to leave town rather than build a new arena, feel virtuous; we’re New York, and we need our overpriced diversions, now more than ever. Hey, we may not be able to keep our firehouses open, or overhaul Penn Station—but we’ve got $3 billion in shiny sports palaces!

Read on regarding the new stadiums for the Yankees and Mets.