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Good game, bad weather, low attendance for the Nets

Given that last night began the weekend and the New Jersey Nets were playing the Dallas Mavericks, to whom fading star Nets point guard Jason Kidd was traded earlier this year for emerging star Devin Harris (and more), the Izod Center should have drawn a crowd larger than the 15,621 average.

However, due to some lousy weather, many people stayed home and the Nets drew an announced 9889 people to watch what Nets Daily described as Harris Scorches Kidd and Mavs, a sign that the trade has worked out quite well.

(ESPN's Mark Stein says Harris, so far, is the league's Most Improved Player.)

The AP reported:
With so many seats unfilled, the Nets allowed fans sitting in the upper section to move to the lower bowl during a second-quarter timeout.
(Pregame photo.)

Is that the future of crowd management in low-attendance arenas? I suspect it will be reserved for special cases, like last night. Otherwise it runs the risk of making those paying full freight feel like suckers.