Friday, September 07, 2012

A round-up of promotional Barclays Center tidbits in the Metro newspaper; is arena designed by Frank Gehry and in Fort Greene?

The free daily Metro is offering a "tidbit daily" about the Barclays Center arena until opening day on Friday, Sept. 28.

While the tidbits seem as promotional as the sponsored special section that appeared Aug. 28, some of them have rookie errors that seem prepared not with the help of the arena's p.r. consultants but by an intern working from a not-quite-complete clip file.

Wednesday, Aug. 29
Thursday., Aug. 30

Friday, Aug. 31
(I noted that Metro seemed to be channeling the thoughts of arena executives rather than noting.)

Tuesday, Sept. 4
Wednesday, Sept. 5
Thursday, Sept. 6
(Note: the arena's not in Fort Greene.)

Friday, Sept. 7

(Note: the arena's not designed by Frank Gehry; he did the original design. The arena's designed by Ellerbe Becket and SHoP.)

Now why would Metro offer such saturation softball coverage? Maybe because of things like this:

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