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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/coming/missing, who's responsible, + project overview/FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Video: Oculus goes fully live, with bright signage and rapid changes visible from a good distance away

Until today, testing of the digital signage inside the Barclays Center oculus has been limited to a half-circumference or so. Today, the whole circle went live, and the photographer known as AYInfoNYC was there to capture it, from various angles..

The digital signage is supposed to be less obtrusive than, say, Times Square, and that's surely so. But the brightness and rapid changes may be disorienting for some drivers. (It's not clear whether/how it will be visible to any on residential streets.) The signage will go dark only from 1-5 am daily.

The latest: the Barclays Center logo and public transit information

A view from close in:

From Atlantic Avenue going east from Flatbush Avenue:

From the northeast corner of Atlantic and Fourth avenues:

From the northwest corner of Flatbush and Fourth avenues:

From the northwest corner of Atlantic and Flatbush:

From the southeast corner of Atlantic and Flatbush (just beyond arena plaza):

From Flatbush Avenue going southeast from Atlantic to Fifth avenues:


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