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NY1: residents may worry, but businesses mixed/optimistic about arena opening

NY1 presents the second in a week-long series on the Barclays Center, headlined Brooklyn Holds Court: Barclays Center To Impact Surrounding Traffic And Businesses.

The gist:
  • a resident worries about traffic
  • a restaurant owner is hopeful
  • a commercial real estate broker says rents have gone up and more food-related businesses are coming
  • a barber thinks he'll be priced out
  • the Chamber of Commerce CEO promises cross-promotion with local businesses (though that hasn't been announced)
Missing: the reason this is a strain for neighbors is that the state overrode city zoning to place an arena within 200 feet of a residential district.

Some confusion

The piece closes:
Beyond that, local entreprenuers say it's up to them to find a way to capture some of the anticipated traffic if they plan to stay in the game.

"The challenge for us is to be imaginative and creative and find ways that we can take advantage of it and also serve the people of the neighborhood that are coming for the events at the Barclays arena," said Christian Whitted, the owner of New York Chess and Games.
But aren't the people of the neighborhood already there?

As opening day approaches, FRC has been looking for ways to do some cross-promotion with local businesses.
There's no explanation of the acronym, which should be FCR, for developer Forest City Ratner.