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A Barclays Center moment and a BUILD connection

On Friday night, as I walked past the Barclays Center arena before it opened, I spotted a young man in a red jacket working one of the arena's doors.

We recognized each other: we'd spoken when I'd covered the graduation ceremony last November for a Customer Service Training class provided by Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development (BUILD). I said hello, congratulated him, and wished him well.

I don't know how much that training class helped him get hired--he's a bright guy who'd stand out anyhow--but it surely didn't hurt; graduates of the classes were supposed to get a boost in hiring. (I don't know how many have been hired.)

I've written critically about BUILD's organizational troubles and also pointed out that the part-time arena jobs don't add up and are not going to provide careers. Put that aside for a moment; I was happy the guy had a job. And he seemed happy too.