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The Barclays Center lasers, over the arena, and pointed at Fort Greene Park (and the Martyrs Monument)

No one was told about the Barclays Center logo on top of the arena, and we weren't told about the plans for lasers. (The design guidelines never mentioned it, because there was supposed a green roof on the arena.)

Below is video of the arena around midnight last night, after the debut Jay-Z concert had mostly emptied out.

Laser aimed at Martyrs Monument?

In the photos below, sent to me by a Fort Greene resident in a high-rise, the green ray of the laser seems aimed directly at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, which honors heroes of the Revolutionary War.

The direct hit surely wasn't the intention, but there can be unintended consequences when there's no disclosure. Not to mention that it won't be so easy to aim those lasers when there are towers around the arena.

Another video