Saturday, September 01, 2012

Metro begins daily (advertorial-ish) tidbits about Barclays Center

Hot on the heels of the special section sponsored by the Barclays Center, the free daily Metro--the closest thing to the Ratner-sponsored Brooklyn Standard today--has begun a daily series of "tidbits" about the arena.

They're not marked as advertorial, but they're pretty darn close.The article yesterday was headlined "Barclays Center countdown until opening is on": 
The new Barclays Center opens in 28 days! Metro will offer a tidbit — or two — about the new development every day until opening day.
Disappointment over a rejected request to serve liquor until 2 a.m. has turned into a bit of gloating at the realization that Barclays’ 1 a.m. cutoff means venue attendees can drink an hour later than their MSG counterparts. Barclays 1, MSG 0.
On top of that, word has gotten out that the Rolling Stones will be playing two shows in New York City in November.
In another triumph over MSG, the Barclays Center will be playing host to both Stones concerts. 
For some reason, Metro seems to be channeling the thoughts of arena executives whose "disappointment" turned to "a bit of gloating." Wouldn't a real newspaper have acknowledged community concerns as well as arena executives' failure to disclose that after-hours drinking plan?

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