Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trying to rename Brooklyn "Forest City"? Maybe not so much, but Barclays Center, as in BCTV, and Brooklyn Nets step up

Remember how roots rocker John Pinamonti, in his elegiac 2007 fight song "The Burrow," warned:
Makes me sad, yeah it's such a pity
They're trying to rename Brooklyn "Forest City"
Well, that's not so anymore. The names we hear are The Brooklyn Nets, whose promotional efforts get compounded by press promotion, and the Barclays Center, the latter named--despite Michael D. D. White's efforts in Noticing New York--mostly unsullied by the Barclays scandal.

"Visit BCTV to watch what's happening around Brooklyn and Barclays Center," the arena home page urges, referring to the in-house video channel, which of course comes with a sponsor, Ortsbo.

What's on BCTV

Well, Barclays Center Television has four categories: one concerns the building; two address in-building activities (BC Sports and Nets Basketball); and Series Brooklyn offers borough tidbits. (I'm waiting for BC Entertainment.)

The Recent Videos are actually the first four so far: one about the building, another about the recent Nets rally, and two in Series Brooklyn, about an artist and about the New York City Transit Museum, located in Downtown Brooklyn.

Who wouldn't want the publicity? (Would anybody turn it down, as Rooftop Films in 2005 turned down Forest City Ratner's ill-fated Brooklyn Standard promotional paper, which published only two issues?)

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