Thursday, October 01, 2009

In City Hall: James's victory, Markowitz's salute, and the BP's embrace (again) of Bloomberg

City Hall (published by Manhattan Media, which, in surely a low point, produced Forest City Ratner's Brooklyn Standard "publication"), in its CHatter column, takes note of Atlantic Yards opponent Letitia James's victory over AY supporter Delia Hunley-Adossa.

The newspaper reports:
Taking more than 80 percent of 9,214 votes, James said the results sent a message to the Atlantic Yards developer Forest City Ratner that the community is against the mega-project.

“Sorry, Forest City Ratner,” James said. “You got to deal with me for another term.”

More than AY

Surely Hunley-Adossa's Atlantic Yards stance didn't help her cause. There's clearly not a motivated electorate in the district ready to vote against James for her position on AY. But it's more than that: Hunley-Adossa was unwilling to appear frequently at public events or answer questions, and performed poorly in two debates,

James also had the advantage of incumbency and ubiquity; her persistent presence in the district, along with her strong stance against term limits, likely motivated her base as much as her anti-AY stance.

Markowitz: from James to Bloomberg

The next segment in the column shows James getting praised by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz for the largest margin of victory of any Council incumbent in the entire city.

And this morning City Hall reports that Markowitz is again endorsing Mayor Mike Bloomberg, despite grumbling that the mayor had shrunken the borough presidents' budgets. However, Markowitz has gotten lots of Bloomberg money for his concert series.

Markowitz likes to go with a winner, and surely he has read the polls that show Democratic candidate Bill Thompson way behind.

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