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Economist Cowen: The NBA’s Reopening Is a Warning Sign for the U.S. Economy

The NBA’s Reopening Is a Warning Sign for the U.S. Economy, wrote economist Tyler Cowen for Bloomberg Opinion 7/4/20.

Though most NBA teams are expected to resume the season, then the playoffs, in an Orlando "bubble" aimed to protecting all personnel, various players, note Cowen, are dropping out. They cite  concerns about injury or disease, or family obligations. Writes Cowen:
One has to wonder how many other players are planning to drop out, or perhaps hoping that the decision will be made for them: Maybe they will get an injury during training camp, say, or worsening conditions in Florida will require cancellation of the season, or it will become more socially acceptable not to play. In the meantime, the dominant strategy may simply be to wait and root against the resumption of play.
His point: ordinary American concerned about offices and schools likely have more to worry about, since they won't be guaranteed such top-notch preparation.