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Concrete workers picket outside B4 & B15 sites, part of citywide contract action

Update 7/3 from Laura Gabby: "Concrete laborers' strike is over. They won a $2 raise after 2 days, waiting to find out if there were any givebacks on A to B ratio or mobility."

Outside B4, 18 Sixth Avenue, July 1
A broad strike by concrete laborers across the city began yesterday at various construction sites, including pickets outside the B4 (18 Sixth Avenue) and B 15 (37 Sixth Avenue) sites.

The strike relates to not any specific action by the developers of those projects but rather a contract offer by the Cement League, the umbrella group of contractors, that the union considers inadequate.

The impact of the strike? Unclear, but it continues today, as documented at bottom.

Outside B15, 37 Sixth Avenue, July 1
One neighbor told me that three trucks delivering cement were sent away, while another saw one delivery. Yesterday I did see what appeared to some ongoing construction work, and today a witness said some work continued.

I did contact CEMENT AND CONCRETE LABORERS' LOCAL 20, as well as a representative of the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park developer, but didn't hear back.

Previous strikes

There have been at least two strikes by concrete workers in recent years, as Crain's New York Business reported 7/1/15, exactly five years ago.

At that point, there were pickets at "an estimated 30 major sites across the city," partly shutting down work, after the expiration of a collective bargaining contract between the Cement League and the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

 (The Carpenters' Twitter feed suggests it's not involved in the current strike.)

The backdrop for the tension has been growth of nonunion construction, with lower costs. A previous strike had been held in 2013.

First report, on Twitter

Photos from July 2

B4, July 2

B15, July 2