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NY Post: Barclays boxing rises

The New York Post's George Willis wrote 8/31/18, How Barclays Center stole the spotlight in NYC’s boxing world:
There was plenty of head-scratching when the executives of Barclays Center announced boxing would be part of its regular programming once the arena opened in 2012. Fast forward six years later and heads are nodding in approval as Barclays Center has established itself as one of the top boxing venues in the country, if not the world.
The arena will host its 30th boxing show Sept. 8 with another solid card headlined by Danny “Swift” Garcia of Philadelphia facing Shawn “Showtime” Porter of Akron, Ohio, for the WBC welterweight championship. Showtime will televise.
The key, surely, has been the TV revenue. And, as Willis notes, Madison Square Garden has a much busier schedule, so Barclays has been able to step up.

Willis quoted Brett Yormark, CEO of BSE Global:
“It’s been a great run,” Yormark said. “In many ways we brought an awareness of boxing back into the market place. We’ve been relatively consistent in our programming. As the Islanders start shifting back to the Coliseum, it offers an opportunity to further build our boxing franchise and that’s what we’re going to do.”
In other words, the Barclays operators think/hope they can fill some dates with boxing.

Of course, um, they started having to comp. And then there was that incident (apparently( involving drunk fans leaving a boxing match and abusing a local resident.