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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Update: finally, scaffolding at railyard buildings awaiting demolition

The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update (bottom), covering the two weeks beginning Monday, Sept. 3, was circulated at 12:11 pm Friday (lead time) by Empire State Development (ESD) after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.

Though no new vertical construction is planned for now, there are some changes from the previous update, notably progress on the long-delayed--seen as possible for more than two years--demolition of two buildings on Block 1120, the railyard block between Sixth and Carlton avenues and Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue. These "bump" into the railyard from Atlantic Avenue.

"The water and sewer cut off is scheduled for both 728 Atlantic and 700 Atlantic building during this reporting period," according to the update. "This work will occur overnight but may continue into the early morning." Also the erection of scaffolding on those buildings will continue (though it previously wasn't said have be starting).

The demolition work at Block 1120 could commence upon receipt of DOB and DOT permits, the update says, as in 58 previous updates. A community notice will be distributed.

Formwork, rebar, and concrete installations for building foundations will continue in the northeastern portion of Block 1120.

Ramps to the railyard

Work on the Sixth Avenue sidewalk curb cut and access to the new railyard entrance ramp has started and will continue through this reporting period, the document states. "Work will be primarily performed using jackhammer and hand tool"--ump, which is primary?--"and appropriate noise, dust and pedestrian controls will be used. The new access ramp will be used for both LIRR access and construction of the work in the Yard."

Also, removal of the temporary site construction ramp on Pacific Street may begin. Soil will be trucked off-site consistent with appropriate disposal plans. Trucks entering and exiting the site will follow existing truck protocol routes.

At the East Portal

Various road and sidewalk constrictions continue at Atlantic and Vanderbilt avenues, to accommodate demolition and reconstruction of the railyard's east Portal.

National Grid work on Atlantic and Vanderbilt will be ongoing, portions overnight. The work is required to support the East Portal demolition and reconstruction.

"Demolition of the East Portal structure is expected to begin by developer for LIRR during this reporting period," the document says, though it was supposed to begin two weeks ago. "Appropriate noise and dust mitigation measures will be in place."

At the towers

At 535 Carlton Avenue, tenant fit out work in ground floor retail space will be ongoing, and a boom lift will be used to complete minor exterior repairs.

At 550 Vanderbilt Avenue, "Tenant fit out work in ground floor retail space may commence during this period." It was supposed to start in the previous period.

Barclays Center sidewalk

Barclays Center sidewalk work was described as nearly complete as of of June, but punch list work is still planned during the day and night time on Flatbush, Atlantic, and Sixth avenues. The developer is waiting on a city inspection.

The notice again states, not so clearly, "It cannot be determined whether there is a noise work or lane closures involved at this time."

Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Brooklyn Construction Alert Sept. 3 & 10, 2018 by Norman Oder on Scribd