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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

A Tish James footnote, from last night's AG debate

In last night's Attorney General debate--here's my City Limits profile of candidate Leecia Eve, by the way--I was wondering what candidate Letitia James, the city's Public Advocate, might say about Atlantic Yards.

"As someone who has consistently and repeatedly over 20 years spoken truth to power, and who has challenged powerful interests in the state of New York," James said in her closing, "I will not allow anybody to question my independence, because it's already been proven.

She cited her work as a former public defender, as a former assistant Attorney General, and then said "as a former City Council member who took on the most powerful developer in Brooklyn," before moving on to her work as Public Advocate.

Maybe the micro-pause after "took on the most powerful developer in Brooklyn" was consistent with all her other micro-pauses.

Or maybe James considered--but then held back on--saying that she'd taken the developer to the Supreme Court. Which she hadn't done, as I wrote for Gotham Gazette, though she has more than enough in her Atlantic Yards record to stand on.