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Barclays Center releases October 2018 schedule: 18 ticketed events

The Barclays Center last week circulated a notice announcing its October 2018 calendar, including 18 ticketed events: four Nets games (including one preseason), three Islanders games, eleven concerts.

(Last year--see below--before the decision to split Islanders games between Brooklyn and the Nassau Coliseum, there were five hockey games in October. The Islanders are playing no games in October in Nassau, but will play a larger proportion there near the end of the season, such as all nine games in March 2019.)

There are also four private events (including two involving Goldman Sachs), plus two separate "media day" events for college basketball tournaments.

October 2017 calendar

The October 2017 calendar included 22 ticketed events, including nine nights of concerts, one night of boxing, five New York Islanders games, and seven Brooklyn Nets games (two of them pre-season). At that point, the arena was not announcing non-ticketed events.