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Daily News: Barclays Center operators should get the chronically out-of-service subway elevator fixed

Daily News editorial page editor (and Park Slope resident) Josh Greenman is a fan of the Barclays Center (see below) but he also walks to the subway station there (see below), and his regular observations of an out-of-order elevator led to today's stinging editorial, headlined Pushing our buttons: An awful subway elevator must finally come back online:
As our correspondent noticed on morning after evening after morning after evening after morning after evening, the station is also plagued by a chronically kaput elevator from the street to the trains.
This, despite the station’s total overhaul — with brand new entrances and exits and lifts — in 2012.
...Friday, after the umpteenth complaint lodged on Twitter, folks at the MTA kindly engaged to say: Yep, the elevator is one of the system’s worst. It is out of service about half (!) the time. The folks at Barclays built it and are responsible for maintenance, a task at which they are objectively worse at than the Nets are at basketball.
How the people in charge of running the system let them fail at such a basic task so profoundly for so long is beyond us.
Now, get it fixed.
The tweets, in chronological order, over the years

Also see a comment related to coverage of the Clark Street station in Brooklyn Heights:
Other Greenman observations (he's a Barclays fan)

Greenman lives on Fifth Avenue straight south. I don't doubt his personal experience--he lives far enough away to avoid most untoward impacts from crowds and traffic, and his take on arena-generated solidarity is surely shared by others.

Then again, critic Paul Goldberger, for example, called the arena's sign "enormous, glaring, and garish" and said "there are more naming opportunities here than in a suburban synagogue," while some arenagoers consider the steep pitch of the cheap seats hazardous.

Also, it probably should be noted that the Daily News was the original sponsor (though Resorts World Casino NYC now has precedence) of the Barclays Center plaza and thus had an institutional interest in mutual success.