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Progress: Barclays Center to resume policy of announcing non-ticketed events in monthly calendar circulated to residents

The Barclays Center will return to a small but important practice of transparency, announcing non-ticketed events on the monthly calendar circulated to community residents, it was announced yesterday.

That longstanding practice of alerting residents of events--including graduations and other gatherings--that may be disruptive was abandoned after May 2016, with an arena representative rather dubiously claiming that it was for security reasons.

The policy change was announced at the meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC), by Tobi Jaiyesimi, the corporation's executive director (and the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park project director for Empire State Development, the state authority overseeing/shepherding the project).

She announced it in the course of a report to the AY CDC on the quarterly Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meetings, where questions about and criticisms of the arena's policy have been regularly raised. After all, if residents know that a surge of visitors (or buses) is expected at a certain time, they can better plan parking and travel.

I noted earlier this month that the January 2018 Community Notice did not contain a listing of non-ticketed events. However, it's possible that no such events were scheduled during the relatively busy month. The policy change was not announced, though, so let's see if it is in the February 2018 notice.