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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

New image of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park shows fully built-out project (with giant Site 5)

There's something astonishing included in the web site set up for the new firm L&L MAG, established by Forest City's MaryAnne Gilmartin with new partners, plus former colleagues: a rendering of the fully built-out Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park.

I've annotated it below with four pink arrows pointing to the completed buildings. A green arrow at left points to the building for which we've never seen a rendering: the giant complex planned for Site 5, currently home to P.C. Richard and Modell's, which, according to plans shared in 2016, could be 785 feet tall. State approval is still needed to shift bulk from the unbuilt B1 site, aka "Miss Brooklyn," the tower over the arena plaza.

The green arrow at right points to B4, the building at the northeast corner of the arena block, which is supposed to be 511 feet tall, and would be the next building built, with a 2019 groundbreaking. The building was once projected to take two years and three months to finish--mixing condos and rentals, though we don't know now if office space is included. So it wouldn't open until 2021.

All told, it looks like a very big project, with much building left to do. Some of the smallest buildings have emerged first, with a big lift involving six towers along the railyard.

What about the park?

There may be green space down there on the ground in between buildings, but it's hard to call it a park, right?

Remember when Gilmartin in 2015 unveiled the "park" to the Daily News. "There will no longer be a dearth of green space in the heart of Brooklyn,” she said. “Instead, there will be sprawling lawns, shaded benches and valued neighborhood amenities across eight acres of public open space.”

Here's another graphic image, created by Ben Keel, involving previous tentative configurations of affordable and market-rate units: