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From CBS: Residents Say Rats Are Running Rampant In Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Rats running rampant in a Brooklyn neighborhood have residents on edge.
Now, they’re looking for more help to get rid of the rodents.
“I’m not talking about 10 or 20; I’m talking four or five hundred of them,” resident Jose Barreto told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock. “I’ve been through a lot in this neighborhood and the rats are the worst.”
“You hear them screaming every night,” he added.
Barreto said rats drill through trash cans and have even chewed through wires in his car.
Bottom line: some people blame the developer of Pacific Park for not treating empty lots; the developer says it's stepped up its abatement program; Borough President Eric Adams plans to hold a "rat summit."


  1. Rat summit? This report quickly devolved into a Daily Show segment. Eric Adams is obviously a moron.

    I like the part where Cotton is being interviewed and the guy there is shutting the gate as she is explaining Greenland's methods of rat abatement. You think it would have been helpful to let the reporter inside and see what it looks like in there and where the rats might be hiding.


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