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Now NHL open to short-term Islanders stint in Nassau (details?)

So there you have it. Newsday reported yesterday, in NHL open to Islanders playing games at Nassau Coliseum, that leaders of the National Hockey League say the downsized Nassau Coliseum--previously deemed inadequate, even for an interim move--could house the New York Islanders while their new arena at Belmont Park is being built.

The Islanders are committed to the Barclays Center for their fourth season, next year, but don't yet have a place for their fifth year and--if construction takes longer--afterward.

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, which operates both Barclays and the Coliseum, would like the Islanders to move, thus delivering some (short-term) revenue, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is on board.

Newsday quoted a press release from the Governor--as I reported for The Bridge--stating, "“New York State will negotiate with the New York Islanders to ensure they will play as many games as possible at the Nassau Coliseum while the state-of-the-art arena at Belmont is being built, returning the Islanders home to Long Island in the nearest possible future."

What exactly that means is unclear, but it implies some sort of financial or logistical assistance, and I don't see why that's the governor's business.