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Yormark claims Barclays' loading dock is "flawless" (nah), says area has enough venues (so no Belmont?)

There are a couple of interesting nuggets in a 10/20/2017 Pollstar Executive Profile: Brett Yormark, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment:
Q: You have a unique load-in at Barclays Center (with its load-in elevator). We suppose that there is a sensitivity for that to other buildings.
BY: Of all the companies out there right now, there is no one out there right now more focused on the artist experience, and that includes load-in, load-out... Barclays Center has a smaller footprint that has its own challenges. Yes, that one is nontraditional but it's worked flawlessly. When people come through those truck elevators they kind of look at it like we're high tech. 
(Emphases added)

Oh, sure, it's worked flawlessly. Trucks stall in the street and block traffic, or they block pedestrians, as I described last week, and shown in the photo above

Just enough venues?

Q: What is the Goldilocks principle for New York? Do you have too few, too many or is it just right?
BY: I think it's just right, right now. When I was at NASCAR, it was during an incredible period of growth. Having a bit of scarcity is a good thing; it enables you to manage pricing effectively – meaning up. Scarcity is good. It creates more demand.

When things were going good, the tracks expanded their seating capacities. But they overbuilt and now they're struggling....
I think New York is in a good place right now from an entertainment perspective. There's vibrant venues, big and small, that appeal to all different types of artists, and fans have incredible access. I think we're in a great place. I do not think we need another venue nor do I think the market can support another venue.
Well, there's both sense and self-interest in that last statement. Surely the operators of the Barclays Center don't want the Islanders and partners to build a new arena at Belmont Park, since that would not only take away the Islanders but, perhaps more importantly, compete with BSE's Barclays Center and Nassau Coliseum for concerts and other events.

I agree there's a dubious case for another arena and, if the Islanders' bid wins the Belmont RFP, the state does not offer subsidies or tax breaks.

However, Yormark is more than a little hypocritical suggesting New York has sufficient "vibrant venues, big and small." 

Earlier in the interview, he discusses BSE's renovation of Paramount Theater, at Long Island University in Downtown Brooklyn, into a smaller venue. Once that venue opens, it will compete with, and surely cannibalize business from the spectacular but less transit-accessible Kings Theatre in Flatbush:
On the heels of that, the downtown Paramount in Brooklyn approached us and said, “Boy, would you guys like to get involved? We’ve got a venue here that’s been dormant for years that, back in the day, was a true destination for some of the greatest artists,” and we took advantage of that. And then we finally sat down and said, “We’ve got this Paramount thing, we’ve got Barclays Center, we’ve got the Coliseum, we can no longer be opportunistic; let’s be strategic about our expanding portfolio.”