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Five years later, Barclays Center on its 25th Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Two years ago, upon its third anniversary, the Barclays Center was on its 16th Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). Last year, upon its fourth, the arena was on its 20th TCO. Now, it's on its 25th TCO (bottom), effective 9/19/17 to 12/18/17.

That's a lot longer than some other sports facilities, though it hasn't impinged on the arena's ability to operate. A TCO means it's safe to occupy and the timeline for a Final C of O is up to the property owner/operator.

As I wrote in October 2013, an extended TCO is nothing new for sports facilities. Yankee Stadium got its Final Certificate of Occupancy in March 2012, after nearly three years, which is faster than Barclays, but Citi Field, which also opened in the spring of 2009, got its document in July 2013, more than four years later.

How significant or the 26 open items (of 161) in the inspection? Only 7 of the 26 open items are marked T, which must be received by a plan examiner at DOB, while the other 19, presumably less important, can be received by clerical staff.

So what are those seven items? As indicated in the screenshot below, they are related to (perhaps paperwork regarding) a sewer connection, a smoke detection system, and a sprinkler, all presumably part of larger, functioning systems. Other things may have more to do with paperwork, such as providing original approved drawings for some unspecified element.