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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

So, four of 15 former footprint renters are now back on the project site (the rest?)

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging), the project's uncertain scheduledanger on Dean Street, and the Times Plaza revamp.

At the meeting, board member Jaime Stein asked about the status of the 17 households, formerly renters in the project footprint, who agreed to leave on the condition of being relocated back to the project.

As I reported, the households were asked to enter the lottery for affordable units, because the units could not be set aside. It was unclear, as far as I could learn, how many lotteries they'd have to enter.

Ashley Cotton, representing Greenland Forest City Partners, said, "There were a number of households that were relocated off the site and agreements made with them to bring them back… four households have moved back.. that leaves 11 more households to work through their housing."

"The reason my number is 15," she added, is the developer has entered into private agreements with two people, "and they’re no longer working to come back to the site."

"They have to go through lotteries?" Stein asked.

"Yes, they were through the lottery, and they can go through this open marketing"--units for middle-income households outside the lottery--and it’s our goal, hopefully, through B3 [38 Sixth, opening next month] and B14 [535 Carlton, with middle-income units now open to all who qualify], hopefully everyone gets back.”

That was pretty non-definitive, actually. If those households are middle-income ones, yes, they could get units at 535 Carlton or stand a decent chance, based on past patterns, in the lottery for 38 Sixth. But lower-income renters have much less of a chance.