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Danger on Dean: a narrow street squeezes vehicles toward bicycle lane; illegal parking adds hazard

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging) and the project's uncertain schedule.

At the meeting, board member Linda Reardon asked the developer if they'd make arrangements to restripe Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, where bicyclists and vehicles share a narrow street that's been constricted by the giant green wall guarding the project site, and then further constrained by illegal parking.

"This is current striping," responded Ashley Cotton, representing Greenland Forest City Partners. She pointed to a screenshot in her slideshow that showed two cars illegally parked on the right side of Dean, "which is an ongoing problem for all of us."

"I find it confusing," Reardon said, because when "you turn from Carlton, on the left side it looks like a travel lane." But it's a bike lane, and drivers must adjust. She called it a "safety issue." Cotton said she'd look into it.

I took a look Wednesday and, as shown below, even under optimal conditions there's not much wiggle room for bikes and vehicles. And when drivers must maneuver into the bike lane to get around an illegally parked vehicle, that makes things dicey.