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AY CDC board members suggest that the open space signage might be larger (plus a board change)

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging), the project's uncertain scheduledanger on Dean Street, the Times Plaza revamp, and whether former footprint renters are returning.

Board member Barika Williams observed, "I’d like for us to think about the size and location of the signage" announcing the open space. "The advertisement for 550 Vanderbilt spans the entire block," she said, indicating signage along the Vanderbilt Avenue frontage of that condo building.

"These are relatively small signs on huge green walls," she said. "This is part of the community benefit of the project.... We don’t want to set up a way so you have to be right up on it to know that it exists."

The signage indicating rules and regulations is fine, she said, but there should be larger signs indicating that the space exists.
Looking north on Carlton Avenue
"You want us to advertise around the neighborhood," asked Ashley Cotton of Greenland Forest City Partners, not sounding too enthusiastic. (Well, the little slice of open space at 535 Carlton, and soon at 550 Vanderbilt, could hardly serve all the people in those buildings.)

Board member Linda Reardon suggested wayfinding signage.

Williams again pointed out that the signs advertising condos were much larger.

Cotton questioned whether that was relevant. "We’re allowed to sell condos…it’s our building."

Williams said she understood that, but "we also want to think about how we’re advertising the public space… We don’t want to set it up so the sign saying the public space is something you have to sere and experience on the same sidewalk. I know there’s a condo there from driving on Atlantic [Avenue]. I don’t know there’s a public space when I’m walking across the street."

Looking east on Dean
As shown in the photos above, those walking north on the east side of Carlton Avenue between Dean and Pacific streets will see an "Open to the Public" sign as well as rules, as would those walking east along the north side of Dean between Carlton and Vanderbilt.

But those walking in the other direction, or on the opposite side of the street, would have more difficulty noticing.

A change on the board

The board, which has seen the departures of two members in its three years, has lost another member: Monsignor Kieran Harrington, a state Senate appointee. His replacement was announced at the meeting: John Heyer, Development Officer for Futures in Education and the Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens.

Heyer, long active in local politics, was a 2009 Council candidate for the 39th District seat won by Brad Lander. The Brooklyn Paper endorsed him, saying, among other things, that he was "the only candidate in the race who is not ashamed to say that he wants the Atlantic Yards basketball arena built at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, a position that we share." Heyer--like most board members--made no comments of substance at the meeting.