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Why is VIP parking (and Lyft Zone) in "No Standing" area outside Barclays Center?

The violation is blatant--again.

As shown in the photo at right, posted on Atlantic Yards Watch Sunday afternoon by Gib Veconi, a "No Standing" zone on Atlantic Avenue next to the Barclays Center was filled with parked cars, just before a Nets game.

(Just like it was last week.)

He wrote:
The attendant in the yellow jacket, who worked for Sam Schwartz Engineering, told me that the area was being used for VIP parking for the arena. The "no standing" sign is clearly visible at the right.
It's ironic that an employee of the consultant that authored Barclays Center's Transportation Demand Plan is guarding an amenity encouraging people to drive to the arena (including several cars I noticed with out-of-state plates).
This problem was also reported in a separate ticket filed last Sunday.
DropCar, Lyft, and more

Evidence had suggested that this area was being used for DropCar, a valet service.

But, as the attendant said, it's being used for VIP parking.

Some of that parking may be for vehicles involved in the ride-hailing service Lyft, as shown in the photos below.

After all, Lyft announced 11/19/15 (screenshot above) it had added a Lyft zone in an "easily accessible spot" for all Nets home games this season.

The question public officials and agencies must answer is why a public street has been turned into private parking, in violation of posted rules.