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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: Dean Street sidewalk to close near Sixth Avenue for two days

For the second straight time, Empire State Development released (after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners) the latest two-week Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Alert, covering the two week period beginning Dec. 7, one business day ahead of time--which should have been the minimum lead time all along.

(Many previous alerts arrived a day late.)

Previously scheduled temporary electric manhole installation at the B3 site (Sixth Avenue and Dean Street) was postponed but will take place during this reporting period. This will involve a two day closing of the sidewalk along the north side of Dean Street, and leave only one 11’ lane open for traffic. All work done in accordance with obtained DOT permits.

Note continuing Saturday work on the B2 (461 Dean), B3 (38 Sixth Avenue), B11 (550 Vanderbilt), B14 (535 Carlton), and B15 (664 Pacific) sites, as well as work up to 9 pm weekdays on B14.

Weekend electrical utility work will continue in the LIRR tunnel, while weekend railyard/West Portal work that requires coordination with LIRR operations may be performed during the reporting period. Weekday railyard work hours may extend up until 7 pm during this reporting period in order to complete daily cable pulling operations.

There will be continued "interior work" and "exterior façade adjustments and paint repairs" at the B2 modular tower site, where the modules were supposed to have arrived complete.

Regarding the arena green roof, the "replacement of Barclay’s [sic] roof identification will be taking place during this reporting period." I thought the decal was gone.

Excerpts below are verbatim.

B3, 38 Sixth Avenue
  • Completion of electrical ground grid and underground plumbing will take place this reporting period.
  • Installation of slab on grade beginning with the north end of the site will take place this reporting period.
B11 – 550 Vanderbilt Avenue 
  • Installing vertical nets and handrail on the 14th & 15th floors.
  • Masonry deliveries arriving throughout the week with masonry work occurring in the building.
  • Con Edison Vault installation activities. Excavation for vault to resume, trucking to continue, preparation for vault delivery.
  • MEP deliveries ongoing. MEP work happening throughout the building.
  • Installation of precast panels during weekdays and on Saturdays (12/12/15 and 12/19/15).
  • Preparation for utility work on Pacific Street.
B12 – 615 Dean Street
  • DOB has issued an excavation permit and a construction fence separating the B12 site from the B11 site is expected to be installed during this reporting period. Soil that has been classified as clean, contaminated or hazardous will be removed from the site as part of the excavation activities and brought to appropriate disposal locations.
B14- 535 Carlton Avenue
  • Superstructure work will continue; commencing with the framing and pouring up to the 13th floor will occur during this reporting period. 
  • Relocation of the fire hydrant along Dean Street will occur during this reporting period.
  • Erection of the hoist and foundation punch list items will continue. 
  • Installation of electrical conduits, risers, and duct work will continue during this reporting period. 
B-15 (6th Ave and Pacific Street)
  • The excavation/foundation contractor will mobilize for commencement of early foundation work includes excavation, stockpiling, and concrete placement.
  • An 8’ high site fence on jersey barriers will be installed around the southern portion of the site, along the property line in accordance with the early work site safety plan.